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A New Level of Interest Targeting for Reddit Ads

A New Level of Interest Targeting for Reddit Ads

What is Interest Targeting for Reddit Ads?

Reddit is looking to provide advertisers with several ways to reach relevant audiences in the app. It is doing so with a major expansion of its interest-targeting categories.

These categories include many new topics and subjects that will now be added to its interest-targeting list.

What does Reddit say about its interest targeting for Reddit ads?

Reddit says that interest targeting is our most popular form of targeting. It is the reason why this social media platform is providing its advertisers with more control and transparency in ad targeting. It is expanding the number of interests available to target from 66 to 152.

When is Reddit going to roll out this update?

Reddit will be rolling out this update over the next few weeks; hence, you can check back on your campaigns to implement any targeting updates.

What is the function of Interest targeting in Reddit ads?

Interest targeting will enable you to hone in on specific audiences based on their visiting subreddits. And the topics they are engaging with.

Create relevant subreddit communities like community targeting rather than putting the onus on you. Interest targeting does all the heavy lifting for you. It enables you to select relevant interests from a basic list.

Due to this particular function, Interest targeting just got a lot bigger. You can look at all the Reddit’s expanded Interest targeting topics.

You now have a lot more options to help reach relevant Reddit audiences. It would make it easier to broaden your campaigns based on key topics related to your products.

It could be a good way to improve your Reddit ad campaign performance and get your promotions in front of the right users.

And with the holiday season coming up, now might be the time to experiment with Reddit ads, to see whether they deliver for your brand.

When the ‘Interest Categories Expansion’ is being rolled out?

Reddit says the new interest categories expansion is being rolled out this week. You can see the update in new and existing ad groups when you get access.

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