Game Development

Digital Rath Game App Development Training

From game designing to development to programming you can make a lucrative career in the game industry. Game development is a complicated process which involves many different professionals from different domains such as design, development, animations, graphics etc. come together to create an active role play you see on your screen.

After completion of this course you will be able to create a game that involves simulation, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, audio programming. It begins with a game design and ends with deployment. You will learn to produce prototypes of gameplay ideas and features. Prototypes are developed quickly with very little time up-front which is designed to try out new ideas.

Game Prototyping

A prototype is an early simple model or release built to test a process or concept. Prototyping includes context, semantics, design, electronics and programming which when woven together produces a semi-working game called a prototype. Prototyping is generally used to test an idea or a system before a real system is established. The goal is to determine if the final work will work together as expected or not.

Why Choose Digital Rath for Game Development?

We provide an immersive class-room training experience in a real-world work environment. Our instructor-led training is more suitable for students who really want to get hand-on experience on game development and are passionate about creating captivating games for prolific gamers.

Our students get to work alongside other game developers and instructors who can provide the guidance they need to create viral game apps using the latest development technologies.

Students willing to pursue a career in game development should inculcate following skills:

1. Real-world work environment
2. 6 months intensive course
3. 10+ Years of experience in the industry
4. Customised curriculum to meet today’s market
5. $5000 worth of animation tools
6. Work on live project

● Passion for gaming
● Creativity
● Visualisation
● Organisational skills
● Problem solving
● Strong visualisation skills
● Drawing skills
● Adaptability
● Attention to detail
● Good communication skills
● Ability to think strategically
● Awareness of gaming platforms
● Coding knowledge

Course Highlights

● Acquaintance with Unity Interface
● Fundamental elements of the Unity engine
● Introduction to the environments
● Unity basics
● Introduction to the game engine
● Unity and the different platforms
● Scripting
● Unity in Action

Technologies Used

● Unity
● Unreal Engine
● HTML 5
● CSS 3
● C++

Placement Support

Get placement assistance and guaranteed job after the completion of the training.

Get assistance in developing skills such as:

  • Interview preparation
  • Resume preparation
  • Portfolio creation
  • Job search
  • Salary negotiation

Students with a bachelors’ degree in a relevant field can apply for this course. If you have a passion for playing games and are willing to develop one for yourself you can choose to apply for this course to make a career in game development.

Game development is a growing industry in India. There are millions of gamers worldwide who are an active community. Game developers thrive to cater to the gamers who are passionate about gaming which makes it paramount for the game developers to create games that meet their needs.

● Game artists
● Animators
● Game script writers
● Audio engineers
● Producers
● Video game designers
● Game testers