Customer Acquisition

Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing

Acquiring new customers doesn’t have to be complex. We create long-term relationships for our global customers. We are a nimble and forward thinking strategist who help business owners acquire new customers by giving them agility, flexibility and insights that controls the way business partners acquire new customers. We enable our partners to stay ahead of the curve by acquiring diversified customers and addressing their changing needs with top-notch services.

Our Customer Acquisition Funnel

We have a defined customer acquisition funnel which highlights the stages in the buying process and the customer mindset.
Visit —> Lead —> Marketing-Qualified-Lead—> Sales-Qualified-Lead —> Opportunity —> Customer
From a customer perspective when buyers move through the funnel they gain awareness about your brand, add your product to their consideration pool, and decide to become a paying customer.

Acquisition marketing

Our acquisition marketing is all about implementing certain strategies to market your products and services to new customers. We create collaboration and alignment between business products and customers for a cooperative growth of business sales and customer satisfaction. Acquisition marketing is different from other marketing because it targets customers who are already aware of your brand and have shown interest in your product.

Acquisition Channel

Content Marketing:
Content marketing is an effective customer acquisition method suitable for all business types. With our content marketing strategy we create original and relevant content to capture audiences’ attention and channel them to your website.
Bloggins is a must have acquisition method needed by businesses in all industries and audience types. Running a business blog enables businesses to create thought leadership. It helps audiences to understand businesses personally and gain knowledge thereby building brand authority and awareness.
Content Offers:
Offering contents in the form of ebooks, guides, templates, and other types of gated content enables businesses to generate leads. It filters out truly interested customers from the rest of the dirt. Compared to blogs, content offers provide more in-depth information on specific topics. Content creation for offers is similar to that of blog creation but requires more specialised resources.
Video is probably the most lucrative marketing tool for business and certainly one of the most difficult to produce. Video, irrespective of its length, can make or break any marketing campaign. Video marketing is part of the customer acquisition process which typically involves script writing, editing, production and animation.
Social Media:
Our social media marketing campaigns consist of two methods: organic and paid. Organic social media campaigns are most useful to boost brand awareness and develop a brand personality. However organic social media marketing to be successful needs to have a viral factor which enables customers themselves to spread the world for your brand.
Search Marketing:
Like social media, search marketing also has two sides such as: organic and paid. Organic search marketing is also known as search engine optimization which complements the content marketing efforts. Paid search marketing helps launch a business without waiting for the organic marketing efforts to rank.
Email Marketing:
Email marketing may seem like an outdated acquisition method but in our experience it is one of the best methods where you get to send your message directly to your customers’ inbox. It’s an highly effective way to promote quality content, product information, deals and discounts, events etc under one marketing effort.

Our Offerings

Pre-Sales Support
  • Effectively handle enquiries and appointments and create awareness on new leads
  • Support field sales through strong lead generation
Lead Generation
  • Identify prospects though curated database, convert them into purchasing customers
  • Conduct follow-ups with potential prospects
Tele/Web Marketing
  • Pitching targeted acquisition by executing digital marketing and tele campaigns.
  • Gather confirmed registrations for events through tele-calling and online forms.
  • Leverage existing customers through analytics-driven offers and promotions.
  • Engage existing customers through discounts and bundle offers on various products and services.
  • Increase business results and KPIs through right campaign success metrics and lead qualifications.
  • Re-engage with lapsed customers and win back lost customers.