Custom software

We Design Web-Interfaces With the End-User in Mind

Custom software development is a way to get superior software due to advanced functionality a custom solution provides. Building on the experience from 3,000 projects, ScienceSoft offers custom software development services to power business processes of companies in 30+ industries.

Bespoke software development from scratch to deployment to give customers an edge over overs.

Leverage emerging software tools and technologies to create custom software for desktop, mobile, web and smart wearables.

Be it custom or commercial software development we follow the same development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps to facilitate rapid development for our global customers. We bring your ideas to life starting from conceptualization to deployment.

Our in-house development work on your time schedule and meet tight release deadlines with efficiency. Efforts involved in custom software development include application management, upgradation, modernization, and maintenance across all verticals in the niche.

Our Range of Services Include:

Software consulting

Our software consulting services enable businesses to plan and implement software improvements and software modernization with the help of our experienced resources who can develop projects with avant-garde technology. As a software consulting service provider Digital Ratha offers expert solutions across all industries and varied business needs.

Web development

We as a web development solutions provider help businesses create all types of web-based apps ensuring a memorable experience for the web users. We design and develop solutions with our experienced in-house team as well as offer web redesigning and support services to help businesses achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

Mobile development

Our mobile app development services are aimed at building iOS, Android and hybrid apps effectively complement web-apps and web solutions. Being a mobile app development company we have solved various business problems with our innovative solutions.

Cloud App development

We develop apps that run in the cloud which effectively leverages cloud features and services. Our cloud app developers create solutions that solve critical business problems. We provide quick and reliable could-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities.

SaaS development

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development services encompasses SaaS app design, development, deployment, maintenance and support of multi-tenancy applications. We are partners with leading cloud providers delivering modern SaaS development solutions.

API development and Integration

Custom API development and integration services enable businesses to share data of their custom apps with each other and with third-party apps. We are a software development company with 10+ years of experience in creating, integrating and managing custom APIs to personalise user experience and simplify workflows.

Software modernization

App modernization helps keep legacy apps relevant to changing market needs and business needs. We modernise legacy apps cost-effectively and upgrade apps safely with minimal disruptions to business processes.

Our Software Maintenance and Support System

Software maintenance and support implies a set of activities which are executed to ensure softwares’ stable functioning, scalability, high performance and security.

Software Maintenance and Support Types:

  • Corrective maintenance: fixing problems discovered by users and identified during monitoring.
  • Adaptive maintenance: Keep software up-to-date and upgrade it to keep it aligned with the changing market needs.
  • Perfective maintenance: Improve software’s usability, performance and reliability.
  • Preventive maintenance: Detecting and correcting latent issues.