2D Animation

2D Animation Training in Bhubaneswar

Express your creativity, learn to create captivating 2D animation videos and other visual content using the latest animation creation platforms. Here at Digital Rath we train students to get ahead in the animation industry as well as experienced professionals who want to brush up or learn advanced skills.

2D animation is a highly lucrative career choice that will open up new opportunities for budding talents in the industry. It takes a ton of imagination and creativity to animate sketches and visual objects on screen, which the industry expects only from a select few.

Get over 300+ hours of hand-on experience, learn various animation tools, work on live projects, create your own profile on community platforms, learn to sell your own animation and digital art on various marketplaces.

Why Choose Digital Rath For 2D Animation Training?

We provide an immersive class-room training experience to our students. Our instructor-led training is more suitable for students who really want to get hands-on experience and are passionate about 2D animation.

Our students get to work with peers on live-projects which gives them a real-world experience of a work environment. Our instructors are also available for a one-to-one mentorship to get insight into the world of 2D animation.

1. Real-world work environment
2. 6 months intensive course
3. 10+ Years of experience in the industry
4. Customised curriculum to meet today’s market
5. $5000 worth of animation tools
6. Work on live project

Additional Skills You Will Learn to Assist 2D Animation Career

1. Creativity
2. Visualisation
3. Good Sense in Colour themes and combination
4. Knowledge or aesthetics
5. Ability to Express Ideas Through Drawings
6. Attention to detail
7. Team building
8. Time management
9. Project handling

Types of 2D animation

● Traditional 2D animation
● Digital 2D animation
● Typography animation
● Cut-out animation

Course Highlights

1. Concept design drawing
2. 3D modelling
3. 2D classic animation
4. Composition
5. Audio and video editing
6. Internship
7. Placement assistance
8. Live project

Animation Tools Used

1. Adobe illustrator
2. 3D max
3. Adobe animate CC
4. Final Cut Pro X
5. After Effects
6. Premiere Pro

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Student’s Work

Placement Support

Get placement assistants in top industries such as: print media, cartoon production, video gaming, e-learning, video production, gaming etc. with an average salary of INR 25,000 – INR 40,000 per month.

Get assistance in developing skills such as:

  1. Interview preparationResume preparation
  2. Portfolio creation
  3. Job hunting on major platforms
  4. Salary negotiation

Students with a bachelors’ degree in a relevant field can apply for this course. If you have a passion for playing games and are willing to develop one for yourself you can choose to apply for this course to make a career in game development.

1. Gifted artists who want to bring their art to life
2. Anyone who is artistically inclined and want to master 2D animation
3. Beginner and intermediate students who wish to develop essential animation skills
4. Experienced traditional animators who wish to transform their skills into a digital medium

There is a huge scope of 2D animation in India which is only increasing especially in the advertising industry. The average salary of 2D animation in India is between INR 25,000 – INR 40,000 per month.

All our instructors have at least 10 Years of experience in the animation industry.

● 3D modeller
● Animator
● Flash animator
● Stop motion animator
● Video game animator
● Animation director
● Background painter
● Cartoonist
● Character animator
● Character rigger
● Effects animator
● Visual development artist